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ReCoop Designs is a design/build artisan workshop and store focused on sustainability. Most of our works are created from reclaimed materials salvaged primarily from the local Houston area, in addition to around the Central and East Texas areas. We are able to do this because we have an in house sawmill which allows us to create most of our own wood materials. We also offer kiln drying services, furniture refinishing and repurposing, woodwork, steelwork, lighting, and interior design. 


Our primary medium  for furniture is salvaged/reclaimed wood, steel, zinc, copper and concrete but we often work with many other materials which are incorporated into the pieces we make. The majority of our passion centers around creating custom works of artisan furniture, lighting, and art for our clients.


Our store offers a variety of well curated restored antiques, architectural elements, jewelry, purses, lighting, and other various home and lifestyle items. In the store we support local artisans, not only to support local, but to also offer our customers a carefully curated selection of one-of-a-kind items not found elsewhere.


Overall, we strive to create unique designs and curate unique looks that help create that wow factor for both residential and commercial spaces. 


Cooper Meaders

Artisan/Owner: ReCoop Designs

Sawyer/Owner: Salvaged Wood Sawmill

ReCoop Designs was an endeavor created purely by chance. After four years of service in the United States Marine Corps, I earned a degree in Biology from Sam Houston State University. After graduation while working towards applying for a masters program,  I found a part time job at  New Living and worked in their low and zero VOC paint and finishes department. They had an assortment of old saws and equipment in the back of their store along with old timbers.  I created a few pieces and placed them on the showroom floor for sale, which sold relatively quickly.  Upon discovering this new passion, I reinvested in myself. I tossed the masters program aside and started to pour every moment I had into learning, evolving, and crafting this newly found desire to create one of a kind pieces.  As part of a mission based company, I strive to use materials that are almost always salvaged, surplus, and/or reclaimed to create unique artisan work utilizing high end craftsmanship to showcase Mother Nature at her finest.

Jennifer Meaders, NP

Jewelry Maker/Curator/Designer/Owner: ReCoop Designs

Nurse Practitioner

Since the inception of ReCoop Designs, I have been excited about what my husband is doing. I have always had a passion for design and personal style . Opening the store has allowed me to work alongside my husband, and to actualize this passion into a reality. I focus my part of ReCoop Designs as trying to curate unique and artisan goods for the store such as art, jewelry, purses, and other  home decor/goods, while focusing on sustainable locally made products.

I have another personal vested interest in the store as well. I am a functional medicine practitioner at the Texas Center For Lifestyle Medicine. We focus on reversing disease for patients, and that mostly focuses on diet but I also teach my patients about environmental toxins-like off gassing and exposure to the unseen hazards found in new construction and mass produced furniture.  Our focus at the store is to implement products that have zero to low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to eliminate and reduce toxic exposure to our customers.

Salvaged Wood Sawmill

Salvaged Wood Sawmill offers custom sawmill services, wood drying, reclaimed wood, and big slab lumber sales. We have a fixed bandsaw mill for slabbing at our location and three portable sawmills that we use to harvest and slab/beam urban and rural trees that have died from drought, infection, or felled for urban development. Unlike most sawmills we possess the unique ability to travel to you to offer our sawyer services. This eliminates the need for large expensive cranes and flat bed trucks to transport your timbers to be milled. However, for some applications if a tree recovery is needed to be transported to our location for milling we can often times can handle transportation ourselves. Please note that some weight and size restrictions may apply.

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